Restructuring Advisory & Recovery

Company restructurings are make or break. Working under high pressure and with limited resources. We steer a company through this process and accelerate the necessary changes.

Alternative solutions

Our specialists provide advice on the feasible solutions. Compile a detailed recovery plan. Take short- and long-term interests into account. Implementation is complex and requires specialist skills. We steer this process; always in cooperation with the management and other stakeholders. We recognise the complexity of relationships with stakeholders. And the importance of communication. Show creditors that the business is dealing with its problems. Restore calm and credibility.

We create alternatives. Solutions that may be drastic for those involved but which are always in the company’s best interests. If necessary, we attract capital to finance the recovery process. Or afterwards, to strengthen the capital. The focus is on the company’s continuity.

Situations in which we guide shareholders, management and supervisory board members:

  • If the bank places the company under increased supervision with Financial Restructuring & Recovery (‘FR&R’)
  • If financiers demand an independent analysis of the company’s state of affairs (‘quick scan’)
  • Gaining a grip on cash flows through detailed liquidity planning and setting up a cash management office
  • Preparing and steering a reorganisation or operational restructuring
  • Drafting, assessing and implementing a recovery or rescue plan
  • Striking agreements with creditors