Insolvency Management

There are times when all or part of a business cannot be saved. Bankruptcy seems unavoidable. The consequences are far-reaching. Both in business and often also in the private arena. The outlook is crippling.

Slowly but surely parties start to pull back from the company. Members of the supervisory board, shareholders, management and employee representatives are on their own. And due to increasing insecurity and apparently conflicting interests, possibly even at odds with each other.

This unfamiliar state of affairs raises questions. What options are still available? What is the framework for taking action? How can we save the healthy business unit? Deadlock is in the air like the quiet before the storm.

Value retention

We have the knowledge and experience to act purposefully; to keep the operation moving. And at the same time make plans: not only financial and legal, but also operational. So that, if bankruptcy becomes inevitable, a plan aimed at retaining the company’s value is ready for implementation.

The advantages of the services we offer:

  • Independent stakeholder consultant
  • Stakeholder management (including bankers, tax authorities and pension funds, clients and suppliers, personnel and trades unions)
  • Draw up a restart plan
  • Find parties for the restart
  • Carry out the restart
  • Interim management during moratorium, bankruptcy and restart

For the most up-to-date legal frameworks, we work closely with experienced insolvency lawyers.