A combination of theoretical knowledge and practical experience – that is our expertise. We mastered our trade with leading, international organisations. And have had decades learning how to apply and sharpen this knowledge. In a large number of industries. In various contexts. Working on clearly defined transactions and broad transformations. As entrepreneur and owner, interim manager, regulator or adviser. We are proud of this unique combination. We bring this experience to the table with clients who are convinced that Catapult is best qualified to deal with their specific situation.

We have divided our activities into the following services: Corporate Finance, Business Improvement, Turnaround & Restructuring.


We are experienced in completing transactions. From beginning to end. We know how the land lies. We have carried out more than 200 transactions at home and abroad. Both big and small. For both private and listed organisations. Even in situations where the chance of success did not at first look promising.

A merger, takeover or sale of all or part of an enterprise is a major event. It impacts on everyone concerned. Careful preparation is therefore essential. We work closely with shareholders, management and advisers. With our experience and operational background we also look at the company behind the figures. Thus improving the chance of success and increasing the value of the enterprise. That is the added value of Catapult.


We have drawn up complex change processes for a large number of companies. From faltering muntinationals to fast-growing SMEs. From improvement plans to crisis situations. As adviser and interim manager, as director and major shareholder, and as enterpreneur.

We build a foundation of data and facts. Lay out a course of action with management, shareholders and regulators. And are happy to roll up our sleeves during the implementation phase. We have the know-how and are aware of the pitfalls associated with implementing change. But we are also sensitive to the emotions and impact that a change of direction has on an organisation. Because of this unique combination, clients have entrusted Catapult to deal with complex transitions, in both good times and bad.