Turnaround & Restructuring

Going through a rough patch or even facing imminent bankruptcy: almost every company will have to deal with this at some point in the course of its existence. Losses have eroded capital. The working capital has dried up. Suppliers, financiers and other parties are knocking at the door. They are even threatening to pull the plug.

There’s little time to lose. The stress can be paralysing. Everyone wants to hear from the management how to proceed. But the situation is persistent and cannot be dealt with using conventional methods: specialist knowledge and skills are necessary to turn it around.

Our Restructuring & Turnaround Management services include Restructurering Advisory & Recovery, Interim & Crisis Management en Insolvency Management.


We have the knowledge and skills to intervene quickly and decisively so that the business can keep going. At the same time, we work on a structural solution. The situation requires attention 24/7. We get on board and stay on board until the foundations for a future with perspective have been drawn up. As adviser or hands-on director.

There are very few situations that we haven’t seen before. We have led many companies as entrepreneurs/owners and as directors/interim directors. In both good times and bad. We combine our unique experience with a financial background and broad business acumen.

Our team consists of certified turnaround professionals (EACTP).