Interim & Crisis Management

At times of great uncertainty, radical changes or during an acute crisis, clients turn to the experienced interim directors of Catapult for stability and control. We come on board and deal with problems decisively. Preferably with the existing management team. With the aim of stabilising the financial and operational business operations and accelerating the implementation of changes.

Made of the right stuff

Catapult’s Interim & Crisis Management office consists of certified turnaround professionals with a number of complex projects to their name. We have steered companies and their management teams through the most challenging of circumstances.

We take on managerial responsibilities as Chief Restructuring Officer (‘CRO’), Chief Financial Officer (‘CFO’) or Chief Executive Officer (‘CEO’).

Our Interim & Crisis Management services include:

  • Filling critical management positions
  • Stakeholder management and communication with management, the supervisory board, employees, trades unions, tax authorities, pension funds, creditors, market players, investors, financiers and other interested parties
  • The management and implementation of restructuring
  • The formulation and implementation of a rescue plan

The advantages of interim and crisis management are:

  • Reducing time to implement turnaround initiatives
  • Mitigating negative effects of executive attrition
  • Achieving optimal outcomes with objectivity
  • Maintain focus of management team on core business and clients