Selling a Business

Are you considering selling your business? At Catapult, we understand that selling a business is a crucial moment in an entrepreneur’s life. It is not just another transaction, but an important step towards the next phase of your career or life. Whether you want to enjoy a well-earned retirement after years of hard work, or are looking for new challenges and opportunities. We are ready to guide you through the process of selling your business with expertise, care and attention to your unique situation.

When to sell your business?

The ideal time to sell your business is when it is healthy, growing and/or outperforming the market. These are signs that your business is attractive to buyers. Selling your business can also be a strategic move once you foresee that growth will stagnate or when your business is approaching a saturation phase. It is essential to sell before growth stagnates to maximise the value of your business.


Good preparation is crucial when selling your business. The process of getting your business ready to sell can range from a few months to years. It depends on the state of your business. Important aspects here are cleaning up the balance sheet, minimising risks, and optimising the legal structure and operations. This not only increases the attractiveness of your business to potential buyers, but can also significantly increase the sales value and simplify the transaction process.

Tailor-made approach

At Catapult, we believe in a tailored approach to selling your business. Whether you are considering a full or partial sale, and/or looking for the right business succession. We offer guidance that suits your specific situation, wishes and ambitions. Our experienced advisers, with in-depth knowledge of the process, the market and with a broad network of potential buyers, ensure a strategy that delivers the best match between seller and buyer.

Get in touch with us

Want to know more about how to sell your business using Catapult? Our team of experienced specialists is ready to guide you every step of the way. Contact us for a chat and let us help you successfully prepare your business for a future sale. Together, we will make sure you make the most of this unique opportunity.