Getting Ready to Sell

Getting your business ready for sale is important when you are considering selling your business. This is not only about optimising the business value, but also about making your business attractive to potential buyers. This process requires strategic planning, an understanding of what buyers are looking for, and the help of specialists. At Catapult, we understand the importance of this journey and offer guidance to successfully prepare your business for sale.

The importance of preparing your business

Preparing your business for sale is an essential step in maximising its value when sold. A well-prepared business can yield significantly more. This process not only helps make your business more attractive to potential buyers, but also allows you to identify and address risks, weaknesses and opportunities. Thus, you not only increase the selling price but also facilitate the entire sales process.

How to prepare your business for sale

To make your company sales-ready, it is important to look critically at aspects such as legal structure, business model, sales figures and organisational structure. These elements play an important role in how buyers assess the value of a business. Start optimising these areas to present your business in a stronger light. This includes organising business processes efficiently, improving financial health and demonstrating growth potential. As this takes time, starting early is essential for getting the best results.

Optimise business value

With the help of Catapult’s specialists, we take you step by step through the process of getting your business ready for sale. This includes a business scan, drawing up an advice and action plan, and implementing optimisations to increase business value. Our goal is to significantly increase the value of your business and prepare you optimally for the transaction process. Here, we look not only at the financial aspects, but at the entire organisation. This way, your company will be at its best when it is offered to potential buyers.

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