Scarabee acquired by Daifuku

Scarabee Aviation Group has recently been acquired by the listed Japanese company Daifuku. This allows Scarabee, known for the self-service baggage check-ins and white security lanes at Schiphol, to expand its strategic position within the airport industry. Catapult acted as advisor to Scarabee.

Scarabee Aviation Group, known for its smart technological solutions that increase the safety and convenience of travelers at airports, has been acquired by the listed Japanese company Daifuku. Daifuku is the global market leader in material-handling systems and with over 9,000 employees in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia, focuses daily on end-to-end solutions for self-service, baggage handling, operations, security equipment and digital technology. The acquisition, in which Scarabee will work closely as an independent subsidiary with other subsidiaries within Daifuku’s Airport Technologies Division, is a strategic step in Scarabee’s continued growth in the international airport industry.

Boudewijn Wellink, interim CEO of Scarabee Aviation Group: “The acquisition by Daifuku offers new perspectives. It allows us to expand the product and services portfolio for our existing clients. Moreover, it gives us the opportunity to market our innovative technological solutions, which we have developed over the years in close cooperation with such partners as Schiphol, worldwide via Daifuku’s commercial network. The new structure also gives Scarabee the financial strength required to continue our level of innovative developments and explore new markets at the same time. With this strategic step, Scarabee will remain a pioneer in developing passenger security solutions.”

Scarabee puts the travel experience at the core of its solutions and with the motto “shaping tomorrow’s airport experience today”, the company strives to provide passengers with a relaxed experience at airports worldwide. To achieve this, the originally Dutch company develops, manufactures and supplies a number of technological solutions. Examples include the self-service baggage check-in systems (bagdrops) and the increasingly advanced security checks (smart security lanes). For years, Scarabee’s products have been characterized by a rounded form and the use of white materials. Following the acquisition, Scarabee will continue to serve the market under its own name. 

About Scarabee
Scarabee Aviation Group is originally a Dutch company with offices in Europe, Asia and America. For the past 30 years, the company has been developing, manufacturing and supplying smart solutions that increase the security and comfort of travelers in airports all over the world. Scarabee works for the world’s largest airports and airlines, and is known for its innovative character, groundbreaking technology and foresight with regard to the rapidly evolving technology found in abundance at airports. Besides developing innovative products, Scarabee has a Service & Maintenance Division for its products at Schiphol and other airports.

About Daifuku
Daifuku is the world’s largest supplier of material-handling systems, with its head office in Osaka and manufacturing and sales facilities in 27 countries. The company’s Airport Technologies Division supplies airports and airlines all over the world with end-to-end solutions for self-service, baggage handling, operations, security equipment and digital technology. Daifuku’s annual turnover amounts to USD 4.0 billion and the company is listed on the Tokyo stock exchange.