Impukwa Investments acquires all shares in Keurslager de Haas

Entrepreneurial duo Thomas and Marleen Kamphuis of Impukwa Investments with the acquisition of all shares in Keurslager de Haas from Velp (NL), as part of its Buy and Build strategy. The following press release was published about this deal.

Pluim en de Haas, of which Keurslager de Haas is part of, was owned by the Pluim family for more than 50 years. As there is no successor within the family, experienced food & retail professionals Thomas and Marleen Kamphuis are now continuing the business.

In the 1960s, the Pluim brothers started a butcher’s shop in Arnhem (NL) with their father. A real family business that played an important role in Arnhem. In 1995, the Pluim brothers decided to collaborate with Keurslager de Haas, also a well-known butcher’s shop in Arnhem. This was the start of Pluim en de Haas, with four shops, a separate production location, office, fifty employees and a loyal customer base. The company continued to grow under the supervision of the Pluim brothers. In 2021, there are eleven shops; nine butcher’s shops in Arnhem, Bennekom, Ede, Oosterbeek and Velp, combined with a vegetable shop and bakery.

Pluim brothers

The two brothers, Joop (71) and Willem (68) Pluim, spent years behind the chopping block themselves. First in their first shop in Arnhem and later in production. “You are a butcher, but suddenly also an entrepreneur. We had already divided the tasks between production and sales,” says Willem. “Every shop has its own chief butcher and there are several production and office employees who enabled us to grow”, adds Joop. “But enough is enough. The company is ready for new spirit and a new generation.”

New generation

There was no succession within their own family. The brothers found the new generation in Thomas and Marleen Kamphuis. Two experienced food & retail professionals, who after a successful career in the Netherlands and abroad wanted to start for their own. The offer to acquire Pluim en de Haas came at the right time.


Thomas and Marleen have worked in various countries in Africa for the past eight years. In all those places, they saw how meat plays an important role in the culture. “If there was a celebration, it usually meant grilling or barbecuing”, says Thomas enthusiastically. Now that they are back in the Netherlands, they are happy to continue this tradition. “We see it as our mission to inspire the consumer and let them enjoy beautiful and honest products with attention to animal welfare and sustainability. And the fact that Keurslager De Haas not only has butcher’s shops, but also a bakery and a vegetable shop, gives us a lot of opportunities”, adds Marleen.

Thomas and Marleen are convinced that the knowledge and experience present within Pluim and de Haas, combined with their own experience with other food and retail companies, is a good combination for future success.

Our contribution

Catapult advised and assisted Impukwa Investments during the entire acquisition process. The gentlemen Pluim joined the company in 1968 and took it over in 1980. Due to the lack of a successor, the company, with a total of eleven shops, searched for a (financial) partner, which was found in the persons of Thomas and Marleen. Catapult guided them with the negotiations, during the due diligence and in drafting the transaction documentation. With this transaction, Thomas and Marleen pursue their intended Buy and Build strategy and Catapult is proud to be part of it. The first deal is a fact, many more to come.