Scarabee Aviation Group appoints Catapult partner Boudewijn Wellink as interim CEO

HOOFDDORP (NL) – Catapult partner Boudewijn Wellink has been appointed interim CEO at Scarabee Aviation Group, the company known for its intelligent technology solutions for airports, as of August 1, 2021. In doing so, Wellink succeeds Erik de Goeij, who had held the position since March 2020.

Erik de Goeij guided Scarabee Aviation Group through an eventful period. Under his leadership, the company weathered the corona crisis well and achieved positive financial results. A professionalization drive was also initiated internally in order to serve the market even more effectively with flexible, innovative solutions. It is now time to build on this solid foundation, and take the next step in rolling out the strategy. The parties involved agree that this step requires a new approach of the role of CEO. Therefore, as of August 1, 2021, De Goeij will transfer the duties to Wellink who will fill the position on an interim basis.

Wellink is no stranger to Scarabee Aviation Group. He previously held the role of interim CEO from July 2018 to March 2020. During this time, he was responsible for restructuring the company and its subsequent sale to Daifuku. His current mission is to promote closer cooperation and synergy with sister companies in Europe and with Daifuku’s global Airport Technologies Division network.

De Goeij: “As CEO of Scarabee Aviation Group, I have experienced an intense and interesting period. Immediately after I came onboard, the corona pandemic erupted and the aviation sector was plunged into crisis. Nevertheless, Scarabee has taken great strides. Not only has the financial starting position improved as a result of a new strategy, promising new projects have been developed as well. In addition, internal professionalization efforts have been made that will further showcase Scarabee’s innovative nature now, but also in the long term. I am proud of the results Scarabee has delivered and wish the company a healthy, thriving future.”

About Scarabee

Scarabee Aviation Group is a company of Dutch origin with offices in Europe, Asia and America. For more than 30 years, the company has been engaged in developing, manufacturing and delivering intelligent solutions that enhance the safety and travelling comfort of airport visitors worldwide. Working for the world’s largest airports and airlines, Scarabee is known for its innovative nature, groundbreaking technology and foresight in the rapidly evolving technology that is applied in airports. Besides developing innovative products, Scarabee has a Service & Maintenance division for its products at Schiphol and other airports.
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About Daifuku

Daifuku is the world’s largest supplier of material handling systems, headquartered in Osaka with manufacturing and sales facilities in 27 countries. Daifuku’s Airport Technologies division provides airports and airlines worldwide with end-to-end solutions in self-service, baggage handling, operations, security equipment and digital technology. Daifuku is originally Japanese and publicly traded.
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