Management Buy Out L.C.I. Productions

L.C.I. Productions B.V. (hereinafter ‘LCI’) is a supplier in the field of chemicals and maintenance methods for the industrial, institutional, agricultural, maritime, and offshore sectors. LCI develops innovative and high-quality products in which the environment and sustainability are ensured. The company distributes its products worldwide via authorised dealers, from its location in Tolbert (NL). Service, efficiency, and accuracy are keywords for LCI.

Gert van Essen, commercial director of LCI and for more than 20 years employed by the company, conceived in the beginning of 2022 the plan to take over LCI from owner Harry Blaauw by means of a Management Buy Out (‘MBO’) transaction. Through the joint network, Gert came into contact with Catapult. Gert had no experience with such an M&A process and engaged Catapult to guide the transaction from A to Z.

Catapult assisted Gert in the entire acquisition process: both during negotiations, coordinating and supervising the due diligence and coordinating the letter of intent and transaction documentation. With the acquisition of LCI, Gert has made a great step forward in his career, and we congratulate him on behalf of the entire team with this transaction and thank him for the pleasant and constructive cooperation.

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