De Kluts acquired by Kinderopvang Zien

Catapult guided the entrepreneurial duo Nicole Albers and Byung Oberink of Kinderopvang Zien (fast-growing childcare organisation) with the acquisition of Kinderopvang De Kluts from Roden (NL). The following press release was published about this deal.

RODEN (NL) – As of 4 January Kinderopvang de Kluts from Roden has been acquired by Kinderopvang Zien. After twenty years, former owners Alex and Aleida think it’s time to hand over the company to a new party: Nicole Albers and Byung Oberink, owners of Zien.

The people behind Zien

As the former founders and owners of Kits Kinderdagverblijf, Nicole Albers and Byung Oberink have extensive experience in the childcare profession. Within their new concept, they guard the ideas of Zien and work on translating the vision into all aspects of the childcare centre. Clear communication between staff members, children and parents is the common thread in their approach. In addition, they distinguish themselves by investing heavily in their staff through coaching and training, which contributes to providing the best care for the children.

The pedagogical vision and quality of Zien

Former owners Alex and Aleida Bijstra have confidence in the knowledge and skills that Zien has to offer: ‘Because of Zien’s vision, approach and philosophy we know that both ‘our’ children and staff are in good hands. Zien takes care of every employee and offers children a safe place to grow up. Nicole and Byung create an environment in which our employees can develop further as professionals and as people, and the children can discover all their 100 languages in richly decorated play areas, studios, and challenging discovery gardens. In addition, we are confident that Zien can continue to offer what we have found important all these years: good care for each other.’

Zien’s pedagogical vision is based on Reggio Emilia (by educationalist Loris Malaguzzi) and Emmi Pikler. Nicole Albers, co-owner and member of the management board, explains: ‘A child has 100 languages and 100 ways of thinking, playing, talking, listening and being surprised. Zien gives children the freedom to discover all these languages. This means that staff members have an eye for the development, talents, and potential of children. Moreover, Zien believes in both children’s and employees’ own skills, independence, identity, creativity and resilience. Together with all employees, parents, and stakeholders, this vision will be translated into daily practice in the coming months.’

The aim of the acquisition is to expand Zien in phases through targeted acquisitions. This intended growth offers economies of scale and therefore gives new owners the opportunity to invest in quality, training, and coaching.

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