Landwoud acquires all shares in Giezen Metaalproducten

VEENDAM (NL) – Investor Landwoud acquired all shares in Giezen Metaalproducten. During the process Landwoud has been assisted by M&A-advisor Catapult. Giezen Metaalproducten is a specialized metal company, and its activities are complementary to the current companies in Landwoud’s portfolio.

About Giezen Metaalproducten

Giezen Metaalproducten, established in Veendam, is a specialist in the field of cold bending and rolling of metal pipes and profiles. The company is founded in 1892 and possesses a large and modern machinery. Giezen has a loyal and experienced team, consisting of nine people, and serves customers in sectors as shipbuilding, store fitting, machinery and automotive.

About Landwoud

Landwoud is a hands-on investment company that focuses on creating long-term returns. This is mainly accomplished by investing in manufacturing and trading companies with an existing track record. The companies in its current portfolio are active in industries related to processing plastics and metal and are located in the North-East of the Netherlands. The Giezen Metaalproducten transaction further expands the diversity of Landwoud’s portfolio. Through its extensive knowledge and experience in the metal sector, Landwoud will be able to further expand and optimize Giezen. The current and future customers of Giezen will therefore be optimally served.

Our contribution

During the entire acquisition process Catapult supported and advised Landwoud: coordinating the negotiations, supervising the due diligence, and coordinating the drafting of the Letter of Intent and transaction documentation. A pleasant and efficient process has led to this rapid and successful transaction: from the first contacts to the closing at the notary’s office within three months! On behalf of the Catapult-team we would like to congratulate the satisfied buyers and sellers with this transaction and thank them for this pleasant and above all successful cooperation.

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