Slochterborgje acquired by Kinderopvang Zien

Catapult guided the entrepreneurial duo Nicole Albers and Byung Oberink of Kinderopvang Zien (childcare organisation) with the acquisition of Kindercentrum Slochterborgje, based in Slochteren (NL). The following press release about this deal has been published.

Slochteren (NL) – As of September 28, Kindercentrum Slochterborgje in Slochteren has been acquired by Kinderopvang Zien. After 15 years, Slochterborgje’s owners Krista Visker and Annelies Hofstee feel it is time for the next phase in the development of their childcare centre. That is why they’re passing the baton to Nicole Albers and Byung Oberink, owners of Kinderopvang Zien.

Growth and quality

Kinderopvang Zien’s pedagogical vision is based on Reggio Emilia (by educationalist Loris Malaguzzi) and Emmi Pikler. Nicole Albers, co-owner and member of the management team, explains: ‘A child has 100 languages and 100 ways of thinking, playing, talking, listening and being amazed. Kinderopvang Zien gives children the freedom to discover all those languages. That means that staff have an eye for children’s development, talents, and potential. Kinderopvang Zien also believes in both children’s and employees’ own skills, independence, identity, creativity, and resilience. Together with the staff, parents, and stakeholders, in the coming months we’ll be translating our vision into everyday practice.’

Former owners Krista Visker and Annelies Hofstee have full confidence in the knowledge and skills of the new owners: ‘We believe Nicole and Byung have the right capabilities to provide ‘our’ children with an environment in which they can safely and securely grow into independent young people. Nicole and Byung also provide an environment in which all staff can develop further. In addition, we are convinced that they will be able to further professionalise Slochterborgje while maintaining its small-scale, pleasant atmosphere.’ Annelies Hofstee will stay on as assistant site manager, pedagogical coach and supervisor: ‘I get enormous pleasure from the contact with the children and being allowed to contribute to their development into happy and balanced young people. I don’t get that pleasure from working as a location manager. That is why I chose this combined position’.

The people behind Kinderopvang Zien

Nicole Albers and Byung Oberink, as former founders and owners of KITS kinderdagverblijf, have extensive experience in the childcare profession. Within their new concept, they guard the philosophy of Kinderopvang Zien and work on translating the vision into all aspects of the childcare centre. Clear communication between staff, children and parents is key in their approach. They also distinguish themselves by investing in their staff through coaching and training, which contributes to providing the best care for the children. Daily management is delegated to Ellen Bakker, who will be the new face and primary point of contact. Ellen: ‘I love working together with all staff and parents to pursue the same goal: the best care for children. In doing so, it is a gift to make all employees reach their full potential, by discovering what makes them happy, what their talents and ambitions are and working on that together.’

The aim of the acquisition is to expand the organisation in phases through targeted acquisitions. This intended growth offers economies of scale and therefore gives the new owners the opportunity to invest in quality, training, and coaching.