Stormy waters? Threat of bankruptcy? Almost every company experiences this at some point in its existence: capital eroded by losses; working capital drying up. Suppliers, financiers and other parties rattling at the gates, maybe even threatening to pull the plug entirely.

Time is limited and the stress this causes can paralyse action. Management is under pressure to provide answers, but the problems persist and do not respond to conventional solutions. Specialist knowledge and skills are required to calm the waters.


We have the skills to intervene quickly and decisively: your company continues operating whilst we look for permanent solutions to your business problems. We come on board to deal with the major challenges facing your company and stay on board until the foundations are laid for a stable future.

We know what it’s like to run a company – through good times as well as bad – and there’s little we haven’t seen before. We combine this experience with a strong financial background and broad business knowledge.


We give advice on possible solutions; assessing the effects of each step. We prepare detailed recovery plans for both the short and long terms. Implementation is often complex and requires specialist skills: working alongside management, we guide this process.

We create options – solutions that can be drastic for those involved, but that are always in the best interests of the company. If necessary, we raise capital to fund the recovery process or to strengthen the financial structure.


Challenging times have a major impact on companies. The stress of impending bankruptcy and the loss of employment have a profound effect on employees, suppliers, financiers, customers and all those with an interest in the survival of the business.

Clear communication is essential in explaining the new direction the company is taking. Are all parties convinced of the company’s future? Only then will we have booked success!