Boudewijn Wellink

Following his graduation from the Rotterdam School of Management with an MSc in Business Administration, Boudewijn Wellink took up a position at ING Barings in Eastern Europe. He continued his career in London as a mergers and acquisitions specialist for Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch. Returning to the Netherlands in 2002, he completed his first turnaround as owner-manager of an SME.

Experience financial crisis

Since then he has bought and sold several companies, set up factories abroad, innovated products and processes and entered new markets. He gained his most valuable experience during the recent credit crisis, when his own companies went through extremely turbulent times. This unique experience makes him a sought-after advisor for entrepreneurs and managers facing similar challenges.

Interim director

Boudewijn has over twenty years’ experience working with companies facing challenges; he knows the ropes and has a track record as an energetic interim director dealing with critical situations. As a consultant he combines his unique experience with a sound knowledge of operational, financial and commercial management. He spends a large part of his time as a restructuring officer or turnaround manager.